NEWS! The second volume collecting some of the wonderful stories we’ve all written in 2023 is out on May 23rd! Here are the links to the book on the Manawaker web store:

Print: https://help.payhip.com/article/222-upload-previews

Digital: https://help.payhip.com/article/222-upload-previews

Welcome to the 100wordproject! What all of this is about? Well, simply put: For this  project, we write stories with 100 words (also called drabbles) for monthly prompts and share the result with each other in an online reading meetup.

The story behind the project
At the end of 2021, some of us in the Munich writing community wanted to have some kind of get-together for all the wonderful people that had come together through the different meetup groups. And we managed to do that with a little Santa Story Exchange in December 2021. This format ended up giving us the pleasure of reading and sharing amazing 100-word-stories, hearing each other’s writing voices (sometimes for the first time!) and having a good time together. 

A lot of us were quite keen on the idea of keeping this type of story-writing going – and what emerged from this was: the 100wordproject!


How does it work?


Write your story!

A monthly prompt will be selected in the reading session. Everyone who wants to participate can send a lovely story with roughly 100 words (+/- a few) through the form below.


Share it with us!

At the beginning of each month, there will be an online meeting dedicated to a little fun socializing and (for those who want to) reading out stories.


Stay in touch!

We will share all the stories on the website the100wordproject.com. It’s password-protected to make sure we can protect our creative space. To gain access simply join one of our reading sessions at https://www.meetup.com/creative-questers/ .

Send us your stories!
Please send only one story per month. We prefer if you write a story which has not been published before but only because that’s half the fun. If you have one already that fits perfectly, party on.