Stefka has lived in various corners of Southern Germany and currently calls Munich her home base. She is a storyteller at heart and is known to randomly respond to chat messages with little story snippets. By day, Stefka is a UX writer with experience in creating copy for websites and apps She has also worked on texts for TV, radio and online publications. In her free time, she organizes the 100wordproject and leads meetings for Shut Up & Write!® Munich. Currently, she’s working on her first novel featuring ghosts and a lot of expectations.

In a former life, Christina Howell was a project manager in Kansas City, then she quit her job, sold her house, and boarded a plane to Scotland with a one-way ticket. She eventually settled in Munich, Germany where she leads various writing communities, runs a freelance editing business, and takes writing courses from the University of Iowa. You can find her work in HerStry, The Abstract Elephant, and GATHERING: A Women Who Submit Anthology. Her memoir: “Magicians, Cross-Dressers, and My Uterus” is due for completion in 2023. Find out more at