The Creative Questers community hosts a combo of in-person events in Munich and online events for creatives worldwide. (You don’t identify as a creative? Don’t worry, you’re still one of us. Let’s unlock your creativity!) Our sessions are primarily free, and it’s completely free to sign up and join through
Come and join us. It’s fun, we promise!
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First Friday Readings (100wordproject)

Every month, there will be a prompt. Your task is to craft a little story for that prompt. The challenge? It should only have 100 words. (+/- a few) At the end of the month/the beginning of the next month, we'll have a reading where everyone (who wants to) can read their piece to the rest of our writers.

Drink & Draw

But wait, what is a "Drink & Draw"? I'm glad that you asked! Here is how this is going to work: We meet up digitally through zoom to chat, draw, or paint (your choice of medium) and ... yes, drink a little together (alcoholic beverages completely optional.)

Prompted Writing

It might sound counter-intuitive, but writing with restrictions can often help unlock creativity. The hosts  lead an hour and a half of writing to get the creative juices flowing.


We offer a variety of workshops such as Creative Nonfiction 101, Self-editing, and more. Have an idea for another type of workshop you'd like to see (or even better - host), please email us at

Graveyard Walks

We explore graveyards and the stories they inspire! We meet at various graveyards in Munich. We start with a quick history of the graveyard, have a stroll, then have a writing session in the graveyard if weather permits, or at a nearby cafe.

Most of our events are hosted through meetup - which some of these links will redirect you to. It's free to create an account - and you can join our meetups and many more fun activities there to share interests, work on your goals and meet new people!

In this group, we write. Really, that’s the heart of it: Getting words onto paper and creating a community to share them with. With fun meet-ups such as collaborative story writing, 100 word stories, workshops on honing your craft and discussion panels.

Memoir Mentors is a safe space to support, inspire and motivate memoirists. Join us every Thursday for productivity sessions, reading your story out loud, critiques, author Q&A's, book club, and workshops.

In this project, we write stories with more or less exactly 100 words (also called drabbles). Each month, there is a new prompt which we all write to. The first Friday of every month, we share the results with each other in an online reading meetup.

Shut Up & Write hosts free in-person and online writing events for writers all over the world. The goal is to ensure that every writer, regardless of genre or skill level, has access to the community, accountability, and resources they need to be successful in their personal writing goals.

Do you have an idea for an event that you'd like to participate in or host? Let us know!