Quest 9: The Value of Writing Communities

Creative Questers
Quest 9: The Value of Writing Communities

In this episode, Christina and Stefka talk about the value of writing communities – and they should know, they met in one! Writing can be a solitary activity, but through meetups and support from fellow writers, we can feel less isolated and find encouragement. We talk about our first meetings, finding friends as an adult, and the positive impacts that writing communities have had on our lives. We talk about reasons for joining writing communities, no matter what you write. In the end, writing communities offer a platform to share your experiences and better your craft.

 The episode also focuses on the importance of feedback in the writing process, and how constructive feedback is beneficial for both the writer and the giver. Listeners will gain insight into the benefits of writing groups and the importance of forming connections with others in the community.

We’ll cover:

  • Why communities are valuable
  • Different types of community
  • How to become part of a community


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