Poetry Side Quest: Daphne – Ellora Sutton

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Poetry Side Quest: Daphne - Ellora Sutton

Welcome to our poetry sidequest!

Once or twice a month, Christina will read a poem she found in her search for the muse.

Poetry can fire up your creativity in a different way than prose can. Here’s a great article on how reading poetry can improve your writing regardless of the genre you write in: https://www.iuniverse.com/en/resources/writing-and-editing/6-ways-poetry-can-improve-your-writing

Whoever you are and whatever brought you here, we hope this poem sparks your imagination and gets your creativity flowing.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future featured poems, please contact us at: creativequesters@gmail.com

The Poem:

Daphne by Ellora Sutton

I could not run
so I took root, still as a housewife,

My eyelids went first.
Desiccated to tracing paper
to sandpaper.
You, in your gleaming arrogance, you
could never foresee this;

that my arms would age to bark,
my belly an empty whisky barrel.
The feet that failed me
trickling in sunlight, toes to
water to honey to wood.
My teeth to laurel leaves
burning green, burning poetry.

It did the trick.
You, Apollo, sliced on by
toward that distant golden seam
unable to see my new limbs,
so much stronger now than your own.

I watched you wend away.
Barbed-wire in the breeze
my teeth rattled their applause.

My heart went last,
an agate of sap and fury.

I have never been more powerful.
I have never been more myself.

About the poet:

Ellora Sutton is a poet based in Hampshire, UK. Her work has been published in The Poetry Review, The North, and Popshot, amongst others, she is the poetry reviewer for Mslexia.

Her latest pamphlet, antonyms for burial (Fourteen Poems, 2022), is the Poetry Book Society Spring 2023 Pamphlet Choice. She tweets @ellora_sutton, or you can find her at ellorasutton.com

Learn more about the myth of Daphne and Apollo here:


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